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It is so important to preserve each milestone that you come across. Whether its a new home, moving in together, starting a family, new pets or even new adventures, those are some of the happiest moments of your life. Why not capture them? Capturing memories help you reminisce on the important times of your life. So let us capture the baby bumps, new homes, children growing up and the amazing things happening in your life. 

So our favorite pictures to capture are the ones that come with emotion, movement, and interaction. Let's be honest, the pictures on Pinterest are cute and all but why not be you? We definitely want you to be yourself in front of the camera. Yes, we will pose you.. but we love capturing the YOU about you!



invest in your memories

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 location +  styling



Gallery Delivery 

Simply send us a message

about your vision and ideas for the shoot.

Choose a location that you fits your vibe.

After we talk about your vision, we can schedule a day that works best for you. 

A 50% retainer fee is required in order to book a session. The remaining balance is due on the day of the shoot. We will send out an invoice and a contract via email to sign electronically.

Now it's time to take your photos! In order to prepare for your shoot, check out our helpful tips below.

It is our goal to send a sneak peak within 1 week of your session. You will receive an online gallery of the edited photos within 3 weeks of your session. You will be able to download the photos. Also, if you have any special requests for edits, that might take a little longer. 

All photoshoots come with a print release

let's do this!

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 portrait planning guide


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when to schedule...

family portraits

its best to schedule at-least 2-4 weeks in advance.. that way you can plan your outfits out accordingly.. 

engagement portraits

anywhere from 4-6 months prior to your wedding ... that way you can get your invites out ASAP! or... whenever your favorite season is.. 

Fall & Spring are the best seasons for fresh creative photos

time of the day

early morning and during the afternoon an hour before sunset are the best times 


it's so important to take weather into consideration ! Spring and Fall sessions are the absolute best.. that way you aren't sweating your booty off or freezing your booty off!

If rain occurs, we will reschedule your session.



this is definitely up to you..

you're welcome to tell us what your vision is and we can give you suggestions! If the location is out of our average 20 mile radius, travel fees will occur.

what to wear...

Who are you?

photos are all about you and your memories.. there is nothing wrong with being you! If you'd like to step up your style by a notch, add an accessory or a large statement piece.

Hair and Make-up

Whew , we loveeee make-up! It's not a necessity but it makes a different in photos. There is nothing ever wrong with an enhanced version of you. Hey, if you're not comfortable with a full face, a pop of a lip color can make a huge difference

Now with hair, the wind tends to blow sometimes... but we got you covered! Just bring a few hair accessories including a brush if needed. 


patterns and textures are always your friend..

its always great to color coordinate but not too heavily.. now think of where you would like to display your photos or what the can be used for..

save the dates? holiday cards? business purposes?

it all depends on the color scheme. 

what to expect...

posed * Candid 

many of the photos we shoot are half candid and half posed... we tend to capture many candid shots in between the moments you are preparing to be posed.. those are usually the best shots and our personal favorites !

how many pics?

this is a dependent on the session.. there are never two sessions alike.. now...we will provide you with an estimate number of images..

they session images can range anywhere between 25-75 images.. or more ;) 

in the zone 

ahh photography is our baby... when we are in the zone .. we are usually looking for the best lighting at all times.. don't mind us If we stop mid way through a sentence to snap a photo... remember you hired us to create amazing photos!

Set your tone

make your photo session the highlight of your day.. don't put too much on yourself or plan too many things.. don't overthink or stress.. 

the vibe of your day can kinda affect your tone of the photo session.. relax, breath... and prepare to smile :)

empty your pockets

leave your phone and bags in the car.. you can put your keys in the camera bag.. minimalism is the absolute best!


be as open with us as possible.. if there is something that you are worried about prior to your session, TELL US! 

You are hiring us for a reason and we want you to have the best experience  ever! 

we are very detailed oriented and want to  make sure you always feel beautiful in your own skin. 

we are done with shoot... now what ?

portraits are typically ready within 2-3 weeks..

we will send you a link to your email with your images.

you will be able to download them on your mobile device or computer.. then you can print them anywhere you like.. a copyright release will be provided.

If you need any print suggestions, we've got you covered! 

dia's tips for families with kidos...


bribery is your best friend..


schedule around nap time...


don't upset them, kids have their meltdowns all the time. don't spank them during the session.. just play with them a little and the will shake back to normal.


let the toddler do their own thing.. if they won't cooperate we can do other shots and come back to them, no big deal :)


don't have high expectations .. set them pretty low..remember they are just babies :) 

it's not always going to be the perfect shot with a smile .. some of the best shots are candids.. play with them and we will continue snapping shots..



don't make any other plans that day.. the goal is to be calm, rested, and happy!

travel light.. don't pack too much..



don't worry about stains or temporary scars, we got you covered!



  • How long have you been a photographer?
    I have been a photographer since 2014.
  • How do I book ?
    In order to book, we require a 50% retainer fee to book your session. Once the retainer is paid and the contract is signed, YOU'RE BOOKED! The remaining balance will be due the day before or day of your session. Depending on the location of the session, sales tax might inquire.
  • How far in advance should I book?
    We recommend scheduling your session 1 month in advance that way you can have the date you desire.
  • How long will it take for me to get my images? How are the images delieverd?
    The turnaround for a portait session is usually 3-4 weeks. If it's a special portrait session it can take a bit longer. The turnaround on weddings is 8-10 weeks. The photos can be downloaded from the gallery and saved to your computer or mobile device. We do provide a print release for all packages so you can print your photos at anytime you please.
  • Do you do studio work?
    We do not have a studio, however we do all of our work outside with an exception of a church or indoor recpetions. If requested, we can book a studio.
  • What if I need to reschedule/cancel?
    We understand that life happens and there are things that are out of your control, such as illness and weather circumstances. Please contact me as soon as possible, if there is a need to reschedule your session we can talk about options. For weather circumnstances, we monitor it througout the week. If we feel a need to reschedule, we will touch base with you a day before your session.
  • Can I send you ideas from pinterest?
    I would love to see your style and what you want to hang in your home forever! However, we will keep our style in photos and not do the exact same thing or sit on pinterest the entire time during our session/wedding. We take pride in being you and that's the most unique thing about you.
  • Do you offer prints?
    As of right now, we strictly deliever all my products digitally and I would be happy to suggest a few places for you to print.
  • Can I post on social media?
    Of course you can! We do own the copyrights to our images. Please be sure to give us credit whenever you post. We take the time out to edit our images and we would definitely appr if you don't add any filters except for black and white on our photographs.
  • Do you travel?
    Of course! We love to see the world. Currently we have a mile radius of 20 miles outside of our area. Travel fees may apply to any areas outside of our location.
  • Do you have a second shooter?
    By request only, yes but that is an additional fee.
  • You're the photographer for me! How do I get started?
    Awesome! I can't wait to work with you! Head over to my contact page and send me an email. I'd love to meet you!


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